Her Intuition Glow Awards

The Her Intuition Glow Awards Nominees Are…

2021 Her Intuition Glow Awards

Her Intuition Glow Awards is annual awards show is dedicated to domestic violence victims, survivors, and domestic violence awareness advocates. Her Intuition Awards shines a spotlight on incredible women who are under-celebrated.  

Yolanda Randolph is a domestic violence survivor who knows how undervalued and ashamed a woman can feel when going through the process. Randolph knows how embarrassed a woman can feel to hold her head up again. Therefore, Her Intuition Glow Awards was birthed to create a night to shine a light on remarkable women who need to know just how valuable they are! 

Yolanda does not pick the nominees but incorporates the help of the public to choose! Individuals are given a form to complete detailing someone they know who has overcome domestic violence, advocate for the cause, or are currently in challenging situations and need a glimpse of hope. The nominees can also be women who spread love and light to everyone around them.

There are eight award categories to choose from, they are:

  • Go Getter – A woman who goes for what she wants, no matter what.
  • Teen Spirit – A young queen who is focused, driven and positive.
  • Survivor Vibe – Survivor of abuse who’s making a difference in the lives of other women and girls.
  • Single Mom Fierce & Fire – A single mom who’s holding it all down by herself.
  • Glow Goddess – An overcomer of hard times who still shines brightly.
  • Power Circle – A group, team or organization making a difference.
  • Community Guru – A woman who’s making a difference in her community.
  • Smoke & Fire – A woman who strives to be the best “Her” each and every day.

Her Intuition Glow Awards are celebrated every October, also Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Month. During this time, Yolanda Randolph also collects money for a local safe house. Interested donors can give throughout October. Any amount is accepted and greatly appreciated. The Safe House, which serves abuse victims and keeps them safe, is even more grateful!

For more information about the Her Intuition Glow Awards or if you’d like to make a donation to either cause, feel free to send an email to yolandarandolphpublications@gmail.com