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Just like you can spot insecurities, loneliness, brokenness and low points of self-esteem a mile away. I can spot your predatory walk, your fake and phony smile, your perfected game, and laziness two miles away! You thought you could use a moment in my life when I lost sight of my powers, when my light dwindled and temporarily out of commission to take over and have me stuck.

Oh No! don’t get it twisted, you never had full power or control over me. I was just in a temporary place of standstill as the force and fire within me was in a state of transformation. So, hear me and hear me clearly. Stop trying to embed yourself in my life as I…

  • No longer accept those who try to use sex as a weapon of bondage.
  • No longer accept those who bring absolutely NOTHING to the table but bull-ish and devious deceptions.
  • No longer pay bills that you’ve acquired and take care of children that you’ve irresponsibility and negligently created.
  • No longer take you under my wing and add you as my responsibility.
  • No longer allow you to come in and be King/Queen within my home when you have never really let go of your mama’s breast.
  • No longer allow you to come in and lead my children into a false sense of adulthood.
  • No longer give myself to someone who’s not giving themselves to me.


Image courtesy of Bing

You no longer sway me with your lies and empty promises as I now know just who I am. The insecurities, the loneliness, the brokenness, and lack of self-esteem are now a thing of the past. I peep you vividly with the first crooked “hello” and deceptive “how you doing” that escapes your lips.

So STOP trying…It’s OVER for you!


Womanly Strength.

Poem by Yolanda Randolph – All Rights Reserved