The Pantry: Chapter 3

Laying across the desk, legs wide open, Kim gently massaged Tyrone’s head as he rested in between her breasts. Her body was in Tyrone’s office, but her mind was over at Trish’s. Pregnant… again… why am I still with his ass? Tyrone lifted his head and kissed Kim on the chest. A sudden impulse grabbed Kim like a lightning strike on a hot summer day. Get up, she said in a nice, nasty tone before forcefully pushing him off of her.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Sitting up, the warm flow of Tyrone’s seed trickled down her leg. She squeezed her legs shut in hopes that she could save at least enough of his love to move forward in her plan to have her miracle child; Tyrone’s child. Her eyes scanned the small room, landing on the same family picture that burned her eyes the last time she saw it over at Trish’s place. I’m pregnant! Trish’s words forced its way into her brain, cutting her deep. Those same words echoed through her mind, all night, and all day, working their way from her mind to her body, and finally to the depths of her soul. “Why Tyrone?” She pulled her skirt down and leaned against the wall.

“Why? Why what?”

Kim watched Tyrone in sorrow as he glanced at his watch, snatched a handful of his daughter’s baby wipes off the desk, and wiped Kim’s wetness off his being.

“That bitch is pregnant… again.”

Tyrone continued his attempt to clean his dirty deeds away, not bothering to respond.

“Oh, so nothing? You don’t have nothing to say?”

  Slipping on his boxers, Tyrone shook his head. “About what?”

“You are such an ass!”

“Bae, what are—?”

“Stop calling me bae!”

Tyrone stood up straight and frowned. “You ain’t on your period, I was just in there so that’s not it.”

“Did you not hear what I said?!”

“Yeah, I heard you.”

Kim balled her lips in a tight ball and firmly planted her hands on her hips.

“What you so mad about?”

She gazed at her ex in total disbelief. Is this conversation happening? What is this man’s problem? “Ok, since we playin’ dumb, I will spell it out for you. Getting her pregnant was not part of your stupid ass plan!”

Nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders, Tyrone slipped his t-shirt over his head. “Nope, it wasn’t but…” he stopped to brush some dustings of lint off his shirt before looking over at Kim and smiling. “It happens.”

“It happens?”

Sighing loudly, Tyrone pulled his pants on. “I mean, what you want me to say? I didn’t plan it.”

Kim felt defeated. Her legs felt wobbly. Steadying herself, she forced her infamous “mean bitch” look while walking over towards her ex. “I have every mind to—”

“Aye Ty?”

Both Tyrone and Kim cast an annoying glance towards the door. Tyrone tilted his head towards the closet and Kim sucked her teeth.


Kim stood her ground. No, she mumbled.


“You just got a call.”

Tyrone looked at Kim in another attempt to get her to move to her usual hiding spot. Again, Kim mumbled no, refusing to budge.

“From?” Tyrone grunted while keeping his eyes on Kim.

“Your baby mama. She said to call her, it’s important.”

Kim rolled her eyes. Holding her stomach, she tried to halt the twinge that bubbled in the lowest pits of her belly. The thought of, or, the sound of Trish’s name, and certainly any words containing baby, mama, or baby mama, that came out of anyone’s mouth, brought her to insane bouts of physical ailments.

“Alright, thanks Quan. I’ll call her in a minute.”

Waiting until they no longer heard the heaviness of Quan’s footsteps, Kim and Tyrone resumed their argument.

“You are such a bastard.”

Tyrone shook his head, casually walked around his desk, and flopped down in his chair. “That’s what most say,” he replied while lifting the receiver off the office phone and punching one of the keys.

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m still tryin’ to be…”

Harsh fumbling from the doorknob stooped Kim from continuing on with her rant and bolted Tyrone’s body forward.

“Hey! Why is the door locked?! Tyrone?!”

Oh shit.

Kim’s heart pounded.

Yo! Get yo’ ass in the there! Tyrone hissed in a hushed whisper. He hastily stood up and sprinted towards Kim. Kim pushed her hands out but was no match for Tyrone’s strength.


“Coming baby!”

I hate you, Kim whispered. Tyrone’s pleading eyes clutched her heart. Remember the plan girl. Her inner voice quickly intervened. Once this is all over with, you will have your man all to yourself. The fight was now gone, bringing Kim to a point of submission. She snatched her hand away from Tyrone before going over to the small closet, opening the door, glancing back at Tyrone, and closing herself in. Darkness surrounded her, both in physical and mental forms. Her mind was shut off from her true reality as she needed to continue to focus on Tyrone’s plan. Her eyes began to burn, and her nose began to moisten. Wiping her eyes with both hands, she lightly sniffed away her emotions, temporarily stopping it from seeping out and revealing to the outside that she was in extreme pain. Although she was yet again in the dark hiding spot, all by herself, while her lover did what he had to do to keep the family’s goal intact, she still felt as if she needed to keep cover by keeping her feelings hidden within.

“Hey baby.”

“Hi, why you got the door all locked?”

Kim’s heartbeat quickened, she cringed at the sound of interaction between her man and his girlfriend. Just for a little while, only for a little while, she mouthed the words that were seared into her brain. Words that Tyrone chanted until she agreed to go along with his get rich, entrepreneur scheme.

“You know, just trying to get some work done.”

“Really? So, you needed to lock the door for that?”

“Nah, but I wanted to get done without one of them dudes coming in here with a question or problem. The faster I can get this paperwork done, the faster I can come home to you. I missed you all day today.”

The sour taste of bile rushed up from Kim’s stomach. She held her mouth as hard as she could, forcing as much as she could of it back down. Droplets remained in her mouth while her stomach rumbled in agony.

“Aww babe…”

That was it. The emotional rollercoaster was in full effect, bringing her body into a fetal position. She covered her ears in an attempt to drown out some of the betrayal but just like her mind wouldn’t remove the anguish and her stomach held it close, her ears did the same. She had no choice but to listen. The room grew silent for a split second, just as it had when she first walked in, right before she felt the passionate burn of Tyrone’s thick member entering her.

Ahhh, Trish moaned.  

No… no…no. Although she knew it wouldn’t work, Kim pushed her hands against her ears, harder this time. No Tyrone… no. Her soul was nearing death. With every throaty moan that echoed through the room and with each hard smack of Tyrone’s groin hitting against his children’s mother, Kim’s soul inched closer to irreplaceable damage. She leaned back against the wall as the emotions she tried so hard to conceal broke through, flooding her face with hot tears. She was uncertain about her future, about rekindling she and Tyrone’s marriage but the one thing that she was sure about was causing hell. Not just for Tyrone but for Trish. And for their illegitimate children.

The craziness continues Next Week!

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