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“If I can’t have you, then she can’t either.” Diana’s sentiments exactly…

Released February 2022

Diana James is madly in love with Adam, a man whom she met and fell in love with over a decade ago. He’s the perfect man for her, her soulmate. There’s just one problem… Adam is married with a family.

Diana’s love for Adam is strong, in her eyes, much stronger than the love that his wife, Jennifer has for him. She’s the better woman for him, and she would do anything to prove it to him. In her mind, she was doing everything that proved her love for him, and soon, he would be home with her, building a life with her. But on a cold Christmas morning, Diana’s dreams are shattered when Adam announces that under no circumstances would he leave his wife.

With Adam’s harsh announcement, Diana’s love turns to rage! She’s ready and willing to do anything to turn Adam’s life upside down, including humiliation, devastation, and… murder.

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Dirty Diana Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Readers of women’s fiction who are familiar with the typical scenarios and diversity this genre embraces will find that Dirty Diana represents a step in a different direction, in terms of subject and approach.

Diana James is in love. But, in this scenario, she is the “other woman” in married man Adam’s life, confronting not only the possibility that she’s finally found a soul mate but the reality that he is already more than taken, with a wife and family. Under such circumstances, Diana ideally should back away, realizing that her connection with Adam is in fact tenuous and contrary to the life he has successfully built.

Instead, convinced that she is (and will be) better for Adam than his current situation, Diana embarks on a mission of marriage-destroying acquisition that places Adam in the position of rejecting her once and for all. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Diana’s resulting vendetta illustrates a flawed character that readers will come to both hate and better understand.

Yolanda Randolph holds the amazing power to capture her characters’ tangled emotions as love and hate run together like disparate rivers forced by circumstance to co-mingle. It’s impossible to thoroughly like the main character (an unusual feature in a woman’s story); but it is equally possible to thoroughly understand her dilemmas, rationale, and the wellsprings of her hopes and rage.

Randolph’s ability to elicit this rare understanding and emotional response in readers who pursue Diana’s story and viewpoint creates a read that is engaging, volatile, and hard to put down.

At stake is more than Adam’s marriage and Diana’s happiness. Readers also will appreciate the circumstances which lead each to question their trajectories and ultimate goals and will find the tale of duplicity a fine study in how obsession turns into stalking, with deadly results.

These psychological profiles create a story that moves in directions readers may not anticipate, making Dirty Diana a powerful saga of careening disaster that operates and attracts on many different levels. Why would women want to read such a story, and why should libraries include it in their collections? Because characters like Diana, with her betrayal, hate, and passion, exist in real life. The more you know them, the easier it is to identify the motivations that lead to abuse and a warped sense of justice.

Dirty Diana is a study in caution and passion that is highly recommended for women who want to pursue a story replete with life lessons and examples of struggle, survival, and motivations for extreme behaviors that lead to dangerous love triangles.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer & Editor
Midwest Book Review/Donovan’s Literary Services

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are looking for twisted plots dripping with intrigue and drama, “Dirty
Diana” will satisfy that need and more! Discover how one woman turned an
entire town upside down and committed some deeds we have all thought
about doing once or twice… if we were honest. Get your copy now!

Lita P. Ward, The Editorial Midwife
LPW Editing & Consulting Services, LLC
Editorial Midwife Publishing

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